"Every election is determined by the people who show up."

-Larry J Sabato 

Our Mission

Our primary goal is to bridge the gap between Latinos and the ballot box. 

We go to areas that have been written off in the past to educate the people directly. Our group ensures that people are getting accurate information on the voting and electoral process.

Some of the topics we address:

- current voting requirements

- how to register to vote

- where to vote

- upcoming elections

- the duties of elected officials


Our Vision

Our grassroots efforts seek to help bridge the gap between candidates and the Latinx community. Our bilingual volunteers will host community events, give presentations to young people, register voters, and remind our community that your voice is powered by your vote.


In the 2016 election, 27.3 million Latinos were eligible to vote, an increase of 4 million from 2012 – this happens to be the largest increase of any racial or ethnic group. 


We believe that it is vital to the health of our democracy that all of its eligible citizens participate. And given the growth of the Latinx community it is necessary that this community is engaged. 

Lets get to work.

We Need Your Support Today!

El Voto Es Latino


Your contribution will go toward El Voto Es Latino nationwide campaign for Latino voter education and increased electoral participation. Your gift is not restricted for use for any particular project or in any state.


Note: Contributions, donations, gifts, and dues to El Voto Es Latino are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes. They support our effective lobbying and advocacy efforts.

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